Why Are Blinds So Expensive? – Get To Know The Reasons

Why Are Blinds So Expensive

People have questions like, are window blinds expensive? So the answer is the average cost to put blinds in a house starts from $700, which can vary according to the functionality and type of blinds.

In today’s article, we will discuss the reasons behind: Why Are Blinds So Expensive? Everyone needs a window treatment for their rooms because it helps them maintain privacy, block out the light coming from outside, and much more.

Like any treatment for your home’s windows, blinds also play a significant role in giving you privacy, blocking out light functions, and working as the insulators for your rooms. Blinds come in different varieties and features that make your home modern. They also help in decorating the interior of your room.

However, blinds are also expensive because they are made using the best material and cost comparatively high for installation.

Reasons Behind Why Are Blinds So Expensive?

Reasons Behind Why are Blinds So Expensive

There are many reasons behind the high cost of bedroom blinds, and we will discuss the primary reasons. Let’s look at the top reasons Why Are Blinds So Expensive:

1. Not a Frequent Purchase

Reasons Behind Why are Blinds So Expensive

When a product is not purchased frequently, it becomes expensive automatically. Blinds are one of those products that are rarely purchased. Once bought, they will last for years, and you don’t need to replace them repeatedly.

Even when you shift from one home to another, you usually take the blinds with you if the size of your new home window matches the old one. People replace the living room blinds only when they like to change the interior of their room or when the blinds get damaged.

The manufacturers know all these terms and try to build the best quality blinds that can last for years. Also, they gave a warranty of several years. As we all know, anything that lasts long will undoubtedly be costly. Because when you spend a healthy amount on something, the manufacturer also tries to give you the best product that can last for years.

2. Quality of Blinds

Reasons Behind Why are Blinds So Expensive

The 2nd central element that causes the blinds to be more expensive is the quality of the products. Manufacturers develop products with the best quality materials that can last for years. That’s why buying the best quality blinds is undoubtedly expensive to get.

It will save you money for many years as you don’t need to purchase a new product. They also try to make blinds with the best material that will be durable and can bear frequent pulling. The other factor is creating blinds with a great material that can stop the UV rays from entering your home.

The blackout blinds created with high-quality material also block out the sunlight and protect your room from heating too much. We provide the best blinds to control your room’s temperature during summer and winter. All these qualities are only offered to you when you spend money on blinds that last years.

3. Cost of Labor

Reasons Behind Why are Blinds So Expensive

Custom-made blinds require a lot of labor involved during their production. Creating the best blinds for your windows requires the best material and labor, especially when you want customized blinds designed according to your requirements.

Measure your window frames. Then, give these measurements to us, and we will create the blinds per your requirements. Also, custom blinds can perfectly fit your windows and give your room’s interior a stylish and modern look.

In short, customized motorized blinds need more labor and time, making the production cost high. However, it is better for your window treatments as you can get the product that matches your requirements.

Some people have the question: are custom blinds worth it? The answer is yes; custom blinds have always proved to be the best, and we build these blinds by using the best quality material as per customers’ requirements.

4. Installation and Warranty

Reasons Behind Why are Blinds So Expensive

The blinds are expensive because they include hidden charges like taxes, warranty, installation fees, etc. If you want the blinds installed by a professional to prevent potential risks, spend money on proper installation. As the blinds are expensive, make sure that they are also durable.

The durability of any product can be reflected by the time the warranty card gives it. When you get a product that can last for years, you must pay a hefty amount to buy it.

5. Features

Reasons Behind Why are Blinds So Expensive

Blinds offer various unique features that would be helpful for your home environment. These features also vary depending on the purchase cost of the product, as everyone wants maximum features.

Features are the top reason behind “Why Are Blinds So Expensive?” Each feature added to the blinds to give you easy living will also increase the cost of the product. One of the most expensive blinds is the motorized blind, which is controlled wirelessly using a remote control. The motors used in these blinds are highly engineered; they adjust into the blinds and are not even visible.

The features like that make your home more innovative and convenient for you. Also guarantees that it will last for many years, causing no error.

Which Type Of Window Blinds Are Less Expensive? 

If you want to add blinds to your window but the budget is your concern, then you can choose the one from the blinds mentioned below. Let’s Explore:

  • Faux Wood Blinds 

Faux wood blinds are among the most suitable and affordable options for the champagne look. These blinds are cheap but provide a natural wood vibe.

  • Vinyl Roller Blinds

The second most affordable window blinds are vinyl roller blinds. They are inexpensive yet provide the most luxurious ambiance with very minimal maintenance.

  • Roman Window Blinds

Roman window blinds are long-lasting and cheap shades that improve the functionality of different windows without investing much money.


I hope you understand my point about why blinds are so expensive. Blinds built with high quality provide privacy, block out light, and insulate your home. Blinds with more features also increase costs because the manufacturers offer you quality products with outstanding features. If you have any queries regarding this article, you can contact fixit blinds for solution.


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