How Are Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds? | Which One Should You Choose?

How Are Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds

When it comes to the treatment approach for your windows, then you have to choose an accessory that must be practical and functional as well. Everyone tries to have the most dynamic type of blinds at budget-friendly rates as compared to the entire market. Choosing appropriate blinds for your place is not a simple task at all.

But wait! The most confusing thing that will irritate you while buying perfect-quality blinds for your place is the type. You will get stuck between the war and want to know how are Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds? So, to overcome this situation here on this blog, we have shared our experiences and will tell you about the major differences between both these types of blinds.

Have A Look At How Are Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds

Difference Between Roller Blinds And Roman Blinds

We have mentioned a lot of plus points, features, details, and drawbacks of both these blinds for a better understanding and to differentiate between Roman blinds and roller blinds properly. This guide will give you complete knowledge about both these string rivals so that you can easily make an excellent decision while purchasing these blinds and you”ll also find out how Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds?

Following are mentioned the entire details of these roman blinds and roller blinds that show a one-on-one comparison and differentiation between these blinds as well. So, without wasting a single second of your precious blind, let us move forward towards the detailed review of both these blinds present here.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

For roller blinds, you see these blinds contain a long piece of fabric. This long fabric piece is attached to the metal or wood roller which is fixed on the top of your window. If you want to cover or uncover the window, you can easily pull up and down the fabric with the help of the cords in these roller blinds.

Reasons To Buy

Reason To Buy For Roller

  • Roller blinds provide you with a very convenient usage approach.
  • You can easily lower or raise these blinds by using simple cords or strings attached to them.
  • These blinds are highly versatile and can be used in different places in your commercial and residential settings as well.
  • You can choose your required roller blinds from a vast variety of these blinds, as they come in different vibrant colors, designs, and styles.
  • The cotton or linen-made roller blinds can also act as sun shades for your place.
  • By installing these blinds, you can avoid the glare of the sun and protect your interiors and floors from harmful UV rays.
  • Thick roller blinds made from blackout fabrics can also make your interiors quiet and relaxing.
  • If you want to have a luxurious and classy aesthetic in your place, then roller blinds made from polyester or silk can do the job.
  • Easy opening and closing because of the ratchet system which is present in the roller blinds.
  • Besides the low price range, the maintenance cost of roller blinds is very low as well.

Reasons To Avoid

Reason To Avoid For Roller

  • You will get a ratchet system or an electric system in these roller blinds, and both of them require maintenance regularly. Clean them regularly.
  • If you have got an older house, especially one which exhibits the old colonial architectural design, then you cannot install roller blinds as these modern window covering solutions will definitely not suit your place at all.
  • There are different types of roller blinds manufactured from different types of fabrics, and every fabric has its own method of maintenance and cleaning.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

In the battle of Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds, In the Roman Blinds, you will get a cord system for the operation of these wooden blinds that runs perfectly through the eyelets with horizontal placement. When you open your windows, these shades get folded evenly, and when you close the window for a complete blackout, your entire window is covered nicely, with no creasing or overlapping at all.

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Buy

  • To give your place a timeless look, roman blinds are the best choice.
  • They have had the same styling approach for a long time, but people still love them.
  • Ideal for those seeking a vintage appearance.
  • These are the beauty-enhancing products that can add charm and glory to your house instantly.
  • These blinds give your windows an elegant/luxurious yet simple look and are the best choice as compared to the other window covering solutions.
  • You can also take your room’s insulation to the next level after installing these Roman Blinds.
  • The double lining and heavy fabrics of these blinds help to maintain the temperature perfectly and do not let the cold air in.
  • To effectively block the light in your bedrooms, roman blinds are considered the best and most ideal window treatment product.

Reasons To Avoid

Reasons To Avoid

  • You cannot precisely control the amount of light that enters your room by using roman blinds. These blinds can even offer a complete blackout as well.
  • These blinds do not come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. If you cannot find a roman blind that meets your needs, then you will have to get it customized.
  • You cannot use these Roman blinds in bedrooms, kitchens, or other damp places. As they are prone to moisture, they can be easily damaged by water.

The Endnote; Which Blind Should You Choose?

How are Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds? The war between Roman blinds and roller blinds is never-ending as both these blinds have specific benefits and cons as well. People choose them based on their own priorities, usage types, and requirements as well.

So we at Fixit Blinds Dubai hope that after keenly going through this piece of writing, you now clearly understand the primary and basic difference between both these window covering solutions. Now you can easily make a wise decision about whether to get a roman blind or a roller blind while purchasing them.


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