Custom or Standard Window Blinds: Which Window Blinds Do You Need?

Custom or Standard Window Blinds

Different materials and designs can transform a simple room into a luxurious and stylish one. The window treatment is also one of the crucial objects that help you add style beauty to your home’s interior.

Homeowners sometimes wonder which type of blinds, Custom or Standard Window Blinds? they can use for the home that gives them privacy, insulation, blackout blinds facility and gives their room’s interior a stunning look. Blinds can be available in standard and customized forms. The standard blinds come in different varieties and are readily available. In contrast, custom blinds allow you to choose several amazing and unique features as per your taste and requirements.

Standard window blinds are versatile and stylish and give your home a modern look. In comparison, customized blinds would be costly for you. Many people get confused with this point. They find it challenging to choose what type of blind would be best for their home. That’s why today we brought this article for helping you with this disregard.

Custom or Standard Window Blinds | Let’s Start The Battle

Custom Vs Standard Blinds

Custom blinds are those that are created based on your exact window measurements. While the standard blinds are those that come in different ready-made sizes.

Most people have a question about what sizes mini blinds come in? The answer is the minimum size of blinds is 38-inches. Before buying any material for your window treatment, you must have complete knowledge about everything.

Some homeowners have a question: what is the standard window size for blinds? and which one to choose Custom or Standard Window Blinds? So, the answer is the standard window blinds come in 36-inches to 72 inches sizes. Today you will get all the information about the custom and standard blinds to decide which would be best for your window treatment. Let’s look at a few things:

1. Length of Blinds

Length of Blinds

There are different standard blind sizes available in the market. You can change the length maximum up to 1-inch from its original length. While the customized motorized blinds can be built at any height based on what length you require for your window treatment.

Our Verdict!

We suggest you choose the Customize Blinds that we will design on your given length so that it can make your room look stylish and amazing.

2. Width of Blinds

Width of Blinds

The standard window blinds sizes have a fixed width that can be only fixed by the home improvement stores or sown in stores. While the customized blinds can be built on the requirements of your given widths.

Our Verdict!

We always prefer you to get customized blinds. These blinds will be according to your given requirements and will cover your windows completely.

3. Coating of Blinds

Coating of Blinds

The blinds coating is the covering shield that can save your home from the sunlight, provide more privacy, and help block the coming light or allow the light to come into your room.

Other Factors Regarding Custom or Standard Window Blinds

Beyond the type and size of the blinds, some other factors also play an essential role in selecting the blinds. Before purchasing living room blinds, look at these factors too:

Inside or Outside Mounts

Inside or Outside Mounts

The inside mount treatments for windows are mounted inside the window frame. The outside mount treatment can be fixed on the wall, on molding, or outside the molding. Both mounting mechanisms can be easily available in the market. By measuring your windows for inside or outside mounts, you can easily decide whether your window needs standard or customized treatment.

Size of Blind Slat

Size of Blind Slat

Blind slats tilt horizontally; you can open them when you need the maximum amount of light to come into your room and close blinds when you want to block the light. The size of the blind slat leaves a significant impact on the overall style and look of your room’s interior.

The standard size window blinds’ slat comes in common blind sizes which have the width of 1\2 inch, 1-inch, and 2-inches. These blinds start from the standard mini bedroom blinds sizes that’s slat comprises ½ inch. The blinds with wide slats are ideal for window treatments. While narrow blind slats give felling of shallow windows sizes.

Our Verdict!

Choose the custom window treatments if you want to get the large slats of blinds according to your requirements for making your window look large.


Time consuming on Blinds

As they are ready-made available in the market, purchase them. That’s why the standard blinds require no time, and you can get them anytime you want. These are beneficial when you need blinds in an emergency.

The customized blinds require additional time and effort compared to the standard ones. It would be best to get the precise measurements of your windows to achieve the blinds that exactly fit your windows.

Our Verdict!

You can customize and get the blinds according to your needs in a minimum time period as we provide our customers the best quality product in a short period.

Quality of Blinds

Quality of Blinds

Today, everyone wants the best quality material to guarantee that they wouldn’t be disappointed while purchasing the product. So, as is the case with Custom or Standard Window Blinds, homeowners wish to get a high-quality product within a reasonable price range.

Customized blinds offer a higher standard quality as the customer has a well-known knowledge about the material of which the blinds are made. While the standard blinds come in different varieties, they sometimes don’t match the customer’s requirements.

Our Verdict!

Select the customized blind because we guaranteed their quality by giving the customers a warranty card for a maximum time period.

Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison of blinds

Standard blinds come at a lower cost. They didn’t require precise measurements as they come in ready-made form. These blinds come in different fixed sizes and styles and can be quickly installed.

Customized blinds will be costly for you as compared to the standard ones because they are specially made for your customized requirements. The blinds material, slat size, blind height, and binds’ width, are based on your given needs.

Our Verdict!

Choose the customized blinds as we customize these blinds using the best quality materials with minimum cost.

Our Verdict!

We suggest you choose custom-based window blinds because they give you various unique and appealing features that help you in giving a modern look to your rooms. The best thing about customized blinds is that they are specially created on customers’ demands.

They will be designed according to your given requirements, including the size, slat size, material, etc. The product warranty is also given with customized blinds that make the trust between the customer and manufacturer.


Here at, you read all about the Custom or Standard Window Blinds. Both types of blinds have pros and cons. Both have unique features that are not present in the other. In short, both proved to be best for you; the only difference is that your choice depends on your condition.

If you have a short time, then select the standard blinds, but if you have a lot of time, you can order the customized blinds that meet your exact requirements. Now, you can easily choose the best-suited type for your window treatment. If you have any queries regarding this, you can ask us by posting a comment.


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