Which Is Better, Blinds Or Curtains? | Complete Comparison Guide (2022)

Blinds Or Curtains

Different window treatment options are available like curtains, blinds, shades, shutters, etc. but the most commonly used window coverings are curtains and blinds. Both provide amazing functionalities like giving privacy, controlling light, giving insulation, etc.

In this article, we will discuss all the details about both window coverings to help you in choosing which is better, blinds or curtains?

Both come in different varieties and designs that you can choose according to the decor of your home’s interior. Choosing the best one among these window treatments may be a difficult task.

Many people get confused when they come to the point of selecting the best one from curtains and blinds Dubai. Because each has amazing advantages that can be unbeatable by the other one. To help you, we write this article for you.



Whenever you are going to choose which is better, blinds or curtains? You may consider the following things:

  • Budget
  • Room style
  • Interior decor
  • Color and design
  • Window area, etc.

If a blind or curtain matches the exact requirements you need to get, then you can easily choose the one between them. Let’s take a deep look at both the window treatments for making the perfect decision:



Curtains are the most widely used window covering because almost every homeowner prefers to choose them. They comprise fabric material and can be available in various designs and patterns.

You can easily choose the style and color that can blend with your room’s interior. There are many types of curtains regarding their use and style. Curtains can be installed in any room of your home but they are not suitable for hanging in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Because in the kitchen, they can be unhygienic and the oil and soap can damage them. There is also a big risk of catching fire.

Advantages Of Installing Curtains

There are distinct advantages of hanging the curtains in your home that are given below:

  • Curtains can be ideal for giving unique style and decor to your room’s interior. No matter if you want a formal or relaxed atmosphere by using the curtains.
  • They can help you give an occasional atmosphere but make it an eye-catching and impressive decor when someone looks at it.
  • You can select the design and color as per your choices because curtains can be available in an unlimited variety of colors and design patterns.
  • You can also hang the curtains in different styles for giving an impressive, modern, aesthetic, and luxurious style to your home. The most famous styles are swag, kissing the floor, puddle, hover, etc.
  • Curtains can give you privacy when you need it.
  • Theory helps you in blocking the light coming from outside and helps you to take a restful sleep. If you want to block the 100% external light, then you can easily get the blackout curtains.
  • Curtains can also help you reduce the noise coming from outside and you can take a peaceful sleep. For that purpose, you can get soundproof curtains that can be easily available in different varieties.
  • You can also get the functionality of insulating your home, which means you can keep the temperature moderated during both winter and summer seasons. For example, you can get thermal insulated curtains to keep the temperature normal.
  • Curtains can also help you reduce the electricity bills because when you keep them close on the hot days of summer, your room doesn’t heat and you don’t need to run the air conditioner 24/7.
  • So in winter, you can open the curtains and allow the sunlight to come into your room and increase your room temperature. You don’t need to run any heater and your electricity bill is automatically reduced.
  • Curtains are also easy to maintain.



Blinds come in different varieties and types that you can choose according to the decor or style of your room. They comprise slats that can be in horizontal or vertical positions. Blinds are designed by using different materials like plastic, wood, fabric, metal, etc.

Different types of blinds include roller blinds, roman blinds, Vertical blinds, wooden blinds, vertical, mini, smart, electrical blinds, etc. you can choose any of them as per your requirements. You can operate them manually or by using a remote.

Blinds can be suitable to install in any area of your home like bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and even in bathrooms. There are distinct advantages to choosing the blinds to cover your windows.

Advantages of Using Blinds

  • Blinds help you get privacy from outsiders.
  • They are also less expensive as compared to the curtains.
  • You can easily clean them without detaching them from the windows.
  • You can hang the blinds on both sides of the windows, whether you want to install them inside or outside of the window frame.
  • Blinds give you maximum control over blocking external light as compared to the curtains. You can raise the blind slats for maximum light entering your room and close them when you want to block the light.
  • Blinds also come in a wide range of designs that you can choose from as per your requirements.
  • You can also get customized blinds by giving your exact requirements and measurements of the widows. You can also tell you design choices that can blend with your home’s decor easily.
  • Blinds give an aesthetic, luxurious, and modern look to the decor of your home’s interior.

Blinds Vs Curtains Final Verdict

Curtains VS Blinds

It is not a simple task to choose which is better, blinds or curtains? Curtains can give a traditional design while the blinds give you more ease and light controlling functionality.

If we see from the perspective of affordability and if you didn’t want to get the best light controlling function, then curtains would be the best choice for you. While if you want flexibility, best light control, and durability, then choosing blinds will be the perfect decision for you.


This is all about which is better, blinds or curtains? We have discussed everything that is important for choosing the curtains or blinds. Now you can easily choose one of them by keeping the advantages of each type in mind.

I hope this article would be helpful for you if you got nothing or have any queries regarding this, then you can ask by posting a comment. Our professionals will guide you.


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