Expert’s Guide To Choosing The Best Blinds In Dubai


We’re living in modern times with changing fashion trends and all. Window treatments have also improved and upgraded to modish versions and varieties over recent times. Blinds have replaced the curtains with a stylish and appealing approach to dress the windows and are increasingly becoming popular among the masses.

If you’re also looking to purchase blinds for your home windows but can’t decide on a perfect choice, you’ve come to the right place. Our today’s topic of discussion at Fixit Blinds is to explain the important selection parameters for window blinds. Continue reading this post to help yourself make an ideal choice of window blinds.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Blinds For Your Dubai Residence

The right choice of window treatment adds to the luxury, charm, and stylish appearance of the interior alongside enhanced window functionality. A value-for-money purchase is only possible if you precisely take all the important choice parameters for window blinds into account.

How Do Window Blinds Differ From Curtains?

Blinds are made of individual slats or vanes that can be adjusted to control the amount of light and privacy. They can be made of various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. In contrast, curtains are made of fabric panels that hang from a rod above the window and can be sheer or opaque.

Blinds are available in different styles such as vertical, Venetian, roller, roman, etc while curtains come in various fabrics, colors, and patterns. Blinds can be wiped for cleaning and can also be easily maintained, however, curtains require dry cleaning and washing.

Now you know about the differences between blinds and curtains which pretty much explains the situation for shifting window treatment preferences. Let’s move on to the explanation of essential choice parameters.

1. Name Your Purpose Of Blinds

The choice of blinds may be backed by a strong preference of adding luxury and style to the interior or simply adding convenience to your lifestyle. Having that said takes us up to the first parameter of choosing blinds perfectly.

You need to think about whether you want the blinds for their style and luxury or if you are tired of operating window curtains. This purpose determination will surely narrow down a great number of possibilities besides helping you search in the right direction for dream blinds.

2. Choose A Style

Style is a reference to the different types of window blinds available on the market namely roller, roman, vertical, zebra, Venetian, etc. All these types feature different yet appealing visuals and are designed to suit specific interior design circumstances.

For instance, vertical blinds are designed for glass window panels in modern home interiors for a plush and stylish appearance. You should pre-determine your home interior design approach for the perfect choices of window blinds.

3. Select The Material

In the case of curtains, you only have one material (fabric) in natural and synthetic varieties like silk, linen, polyester, etc. When it comes to blinds, you can choose the construction material from a wide range of possibilities such as wood, aluminum, plastic, and fabric.

Wooden blinds are more natural and add a congenital factor to match the rustic charm of an interior design. Aluminum blinds are sleek and stylish thus, ideal for ultra-modern interiors. PVC blinds are cheap alternatives without any compromises on longevity or aesthetics.

4. Pick A Color

The color of the blinds is what sets the tone of the interior atmosphere. Light-colored blinds with soft textures and plush appearances add positive and appealing vibes to the interior. Similarly, a darker shade acknowledges the magnificence of the interior with added luxury and interest.

There is a broad spectrum of varieties on the color wheel from which you can choose an appealing option i.e. cream, white, grey, beige, etc. Don’t forget to keep in mind the interior theme for this color selection.

5. Look For Functionality

This is an important choice parameter because it completes the meaning of having window treatment in the first place. If you want blinds to create a dark environment in the interior, blackout blinds are the ideal choice.

On the contrary, sheer blinds are suitable for adding to the opulence, freshness, and aesthetics of the interior. The type of blinds you need is a decision related to your requirements.

6. Have Perfect Size Blinds

You need to take repeated window measurements to precisely calculate the size of the blinds. Measure the width of the window from left to right at the top, middle, and bottom. Take the average of these measurements as your calculated width.

Add 2 inches to the width calculation for blinds with complete coverage benefits. Measure the height of the window starting 6 inches above the top to the bottom in a straight line.

If you want to mount the blinds inside the window frame, subtract 1/4 inch from each measurement to allow for clearance. This will ensure that the blinds fit snugly and won’t rub against the window frame.

If you want to mount the blinds outside the window frame, add at least 1 inch to each measurement to ensure that the blinds will cover the entire window and provide maximum privacy and light control.

For odd-shaped windows, it’s recommended that you hire professional services for window measurements to alleviate contradictions in the size of the blinds and window measurements.

7. Think Of The Blinds Maintenance

It’s better to do some research for getting knowledge of different types of blinds and their cleaning & maintenance. Wooden blinds require special care and a careful approach to cleaning and maintenance. However, PVC and aluminum options fall under the easy-to-care and maintain category.

8. Limit Your Budget

A value-for-money window blinds is a top-quality purchase with desired features and come at budget-friendly prices. You should set your budget up to a certain level depending on your financial condition and never exceed that limit.

Doing so will save you from unwanted financial situations in near future. Also, you get the chance to explore more variety to end up with a comparatively ideal choice.

In The End

For the people living in Dubai, the best window blinds are a matter of their personal preferences and home interior requirements. In this post, we’ve listed and explained 8 important selection parameters that you should pay some heed to get perfect window blinds. Indeed, more the amount of time and effort you put into selecting blinds, the better will be the results and vice versa.


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