Soundproof Curtains or Blinds: What Works Better?

Soundproof Curtains or Blinds

There are many kinds of window coverings, but practically every homeowner opts for blinds and curtains. Both are used for a variety of purposes, including providing privacy, obstructing outside light, assisting with temperature control, and adding attractiveness to the place.

If you also wish to get rid of the bothersome noise that is coming into your room, whether it is coming from the road, your neighbours, or any other source, then you can buy soundproof curtains or blinds to make your environment peaceful.

They will assist you in lowering outside noise so that you may have a good night’s sleep. But there is confusion when selecting a soundproof window covering that you should either select blinds or curtains. Today we will explore whether soundproof curtains or blinds are best. Let’s start the discussion with no delay.

Features Of Good Soundproof Window Coverings: Blinds Vs Curtains

When you are buying Soundproof Curtains or Blinds, you just don’t look at their soundproof features; you also look at their price, durability, maintenance, thermal insulation, light blockage, and many other factors. Let’s discuss all the features of an ideal soundproof window covering and then compare blinds and curtains to find which one of them is best to buy.

Noise Reduction Property


As we are deciding on soundproof blinds and curtains, let’s talk about the noise reduction property first. Let me tell you that no blinds or curtains can create a 100% soundproof environment at your place. They must be called “sound-absorbing curtains and blinds” because they can reduce the intensity of sound but can’t properly finish it.

Soundproof curtains and blackout blinds can block up to 90% of the noise from outside the room. So they are efficient at creating a peaceful environment in the place where they are installed. If we compare whether soundproof blinds are the best or curtains are perfect, then it must depend on the quality and material of the curtains and blinds.

Best For Noise Reduction; Curtains.

Curtains can block more noise as compared to blinds, so if anyone wants to create a calm environment with window coverings, then he should buy curtains.



Durability is another very important thing that we must look for when we are buying soundproof curtains or blinds. The quality of the material is very necessary because if the material is not of good quality, it can’t last for a long time and the blinds or curtains are not even worth it.

That is why, when we compare the durability of curtains and bedroom blinds, we find curtains are less durable as compared to blinds. Blinds can last for a long time with no need for maintenance. They are also very easy to clean as compared to curtains.

Curtains can get damaged by sunlight. Because of their long length, they remain in contact with pets and kids, who can also damage them.

Best For Durability; Blinds

Blinds are best in terms of durability because they cannot be easily damaged and last a long time.

Thermal Insulation


Thermal insulation is another very important property of the window covers because if window covers don’t allow cold air to escape in the summer and warm air in the winter, they can maintain the temperature of the room and reduce the electricity bills.

You know that curtains are better thermal insulators as compared to blinds. Curtains never allow outside air to enter the space and maintain the temperature of the room. People who want thermal insulation in their window coverings should choose curtains for their homes.

Best For Thermal Insulation; Curtains

Curtains are best for thermal insulation because they can block outside air from entering your place.

Privacy Concerns


Privacy is another very important factor when choosing soundproof curtains or blinds. Just imagine: if your blinds and curtains block all noise coming from outside but they expose your bedroom from outside, then what is the benefit of these types of window coverings? That’s the reason you must look for the light blockage property of the curtains and blinds.

In terms of privacy, curtains are far better than blinds. Light can pass through between the slats of the living room blinds, so they can’t provide 100% privacy. However, there are blackout blinds on the market.

Curtains are best for privacy, so if you want privacy along with sound reduction, then choose curtains. Blackout curtains can create a 100% private environment in the room even in the daytime and help you enjoy a sound sleep.

Best For Light Blockage; Curtains

Curtains are best for privacy. If you want to create an insulated and private environment, then choose curtains.



Cost is another very important factor when selecting soundproof curtains or blinds. You should buy a window treatment that fits your budget and fulfils all the needs of the room. Curtains are generally high-priced than blinds.

If someone is buying soundproof and thermal insulated curtains, then he has to pay more for this as compared to ordinary curtains.

Blinds are cheaper than curtains because the material that is used in soundproof blinds is cheaper as compared to curtains. Soundproof and thermal insulated blinds are also somewhat more expensive than simple blinds.

Best For Cost; Blinds

In terms of price, blinds are more affordable than curtains. So, if someone wants to get an affordable solution for their windows, then they must use blinds.


In the comparison guide of soundproof curtains or blinds, Curtains are more effective soundproofing window coverings, but they are expensive and less durable. Blinds are more durable and less expensive as compared to curtains and can also reduce sound coming from outside. If you can afford curtains, then they are the best, and if you want a cost-effective solution, then blinds are always your ideal.


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