Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together?

Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together

The deadly combination of curtains and blinds is very trendy nowadays. People are eager to cover their windows with the amazing pairing of curtains and blinds. But many of them are confused about how to pair two window coverings together.

The combination of curtains and blinds is considered very difficult, and many people ask, “Do curtains and blinds go together?” The answer is definitely yes. Today I am going to clear up all the doubts related to the pairing of curtains and blinds.

I am going to combine all the Dos and Don’ts while combining blinds with curtains so people can easily decorate their place according to their aesthetics.

Dos When Pairing Curtains With Blinds

Here are some Dos that must be noticed while you are pairing blinds with curtains to make your windows more adorable and charming.

Select The Type of Blinds First

Select The Type of Blinds

For your query Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together? It’s advisable to choose the sort of blinds you want for the room before selecting curtains. Roller and Venetian blinds are the most popular blinds as they can easily be combined with almost all types of curtains and look completely amazing. It’s crucial that you consider the fabric and colour choices of blinds and curtains as well as how they complement one another in the space.

Wooden and aluminium blinds are frequently used with curtains. Wooden blinds have the ability to provide a more natural appearance in the room and also look great with the curtains. Wooden blinds with curtains are not only for modern interior decor, but they also look great for traditional interior decor.

There are neutral colour curtains that are very popular with wooden blinds if you want to make the environment of the room more elegant. There are also other options with fabric blinds that have contrasting colours with curtains.

Aim For Consistency

Aim For Consistency

Consistency is the key to making the room more classic and adorable. If you have more than one window in the room, then please try to be consistent. Use the same combination of curtains and blinds on both windows.

If one window in the room is small and the other is large, then use the same curtain and blind length on both windows. It adds consistency to the room and it will look appealing as compared to the irregular-sized window coverings in the room.

Go Tall And Broad

Go Tall And Broad curtains

One of the biggest benefits of pairing blinds with curtains is that you can even change the size perception of the window very easily. Now you don’t have to face small windows anymore because the hanging style of curtains and blinds is going to enlarge your window perception.

Install roman blinds a few inches below the ceiling, and then install the curtains or drapes at the same height. It will completely change the height perception of the window, and your ceiling will also start looking higher.

Most people search for Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together? to clear this concept it is advisable to make the windows look wider, install curtain rods 30 to 40 cm wider than the windows. In this way, the curtains will also extend and the window will not only look bigger but also very decent and elegant.

Create A Cozy Atmosphere

Amazing blinds vs curtains

Coziness is the very first thing that is essential in every room. When you combine curtains and blinds, you will notice whether the room feels cozy or not. Please avoid those colours and designs of curtains and blinds that don’t give a comfortable look to the environment.

Roman blinds and sheer curtains or sheer shutters are a highly comfortable combination. The sleek and elegant looks of these curtains and blinds are very relaxing to the eyes, so they are best for the living room and dining room.

For the bedroom, use neutral or hooker green coloured curtains along with blinds. These colours help to enjoy sound sleep and make the room completely private.

Match Color of Curtains And Blinds With Rod Color

Match Color of Curtains And Blinds With Rod Color

The hardware of the curtains and blackout blinds must be good and attractive so they don’t ruin the look of the room. When you have selected curtains and blinds, then while buying the rod, try to match the colour of the rod with the colour of the curtains.

If you want to know Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together? Then Bright-coloured rods like silver or gold look too much, so try to use neutral coloured or curtains’ colour rods if you want to make the room simple and effective.

Dont’s When Pairing Curtains With Blinds

Here are some don’ts that must be avoided when you are pausing curtains with blinds.

Pair Print With Print

Pair Print With Print

If you like printed window coverings, then you must know that printed blinds with printed curtains look very odd. Therefore, try to combine printed curtains with plain blinds or plain curtains with printed blinds. It will give an awesome look to the room and the pairing will look meaningful.

People who want the ideal combination must go with printed curtains and single-colour or neutral-colour blinds. Printed curtains can also be paired with wooden blinds, but make sure that the colour of the curtain is solid to balance the contrast.

Mixing the colours and patterns in the window covering gives a more artistic look to the room and is best for people who like to add art to their places.

Ignore Your Environment

Curtains and blinds together

When you are selecting blinds and curtains for your place, please don’t ignore your environment. Try to find the designs and styles of blinds and drapes that look appropriate according to your environment.

The place that has retro interior decor must have a window covering that gives the retro look to the room. These window coverings must also fulfil all the requirements of the environment. For example, you are installing sheer curtains in the bedroom because they look great with blinds, but they are not providing privacy, so they are not a good choice for your place.

Choose The Same Curtains Across The House

Choose The Same Curtains Across The House

This is the most probable question Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together? When people quickly sort curtains and blinds for the house, they select the same blinds or curtains for the entire home. From a designer’s perspective, it is not a great idea to install the same window covering throughout the house.

Every room and place has its own needs and interior requirements, so it can’t be possible that a single pair of blinds and curtains to suit all the rooms. For example, blackout curtains are best for bedrooms but not for living rooms because living rooms don’t need too much privacy and there are many other better options for living rooms.

Try to install curtains and blinds according to the needs of every room. Play with different colours to create a vibrant and sophisticated look throughout the entire place. Try to use light or neutral colours for curtains and blinds because they look more attractive than dark ones.

Avoid Accessories

Avoid Accessories

If you think curtains’ accessories along with the combination of curtains and blinds look odd, then you might be wrong because accessories are necessary with the window coverings to make them more attractive and graceful.

Try to add light accessories; don’t go with too many heavy curtain ties. Try to use light fabric curtain ties so your curtain looks like draperies. Pelmets also look great with the combination of curtains and blinds. Pelmets usually look great in bedrooms, so try to incorporate them into your bedroom.

Accessories not only add to the appearance of window coverings but also have some functions. Pelmets give more privacy to the place and add to the light-blocking feature of curtains and blinds. Tie-backs keep the curtains more organized in your room.


Now you know very well that Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together? And you can also select a combination of curtains and blinds for your place very easily. I have also mentioned dos and don’ts during the selection process of the curtains and blinds. Now you can easily choose what you want for your place. Best of luck with the selection of curtains and blinds.


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